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The oldest scams in the world

Having dealt with internet scammers for many years now, I can now clearly see the comparison between these internet scams and established religions. They both appear to offer a great reward for your support, but at least with the other scams on the internet when it comes to the time when you are due to receive this reward and it doesn't arrive, you can at least realise that you have been scammed, you can curse yourself for being such a fool and you can take care not to be fooled again and you can also warn other people about these scams. LOL

The difference with the religion scams is that when the time comes for you to receive your ultimate reward for your support (faith) and it doesn't arrive, it is then much too late to do anything about it or to warn anybody else because you only realise that you have been scammed when you are dead. So the victims of these religion scams can never warn anyone else about them. What also makes religions more dangerous than all other scams is that they are even supported by various governments and are viewed as being legitimate and part of the normal civilised establishment. Established scams

All of the different religions are amongst the most wealthiest institutions in the world and of course they do give millions of dollars to charities and poor countries around the world because they have to keep up the pretence of being charitable and genuinely caring organisations in order to attract more converts/believers (more victims/fools), whilst the other billions of dollars that they receive annually are diverted to the current scam bosses' private bank accounts. Also this is quite similar to the drug gang wars in Mexico, the religious scam leaders encourage their followers to believe that their religion (their scam) is the only true one and that all others are false.

Most of the religions on earth all came into being around the same period in our history and I think that I have the reason for this, you can take a look at Planet of the Gods by clicking on this line.

Unlike many of the religious people that I meet, I don't spend time in general conversation trying to convert people to my way of thinking, I never bring religion into the conversation and when other people do I just smile at them and I just think to myself 'more fools!'. I am putting my views on my websites, but then again people choose to come here and I don't force them to read this.

Most of the problems in the world today such as wars, terrorism and violence are due to religion, so when people eventually realise that they are just fighting over different stupid scams then maybe they will stop. Stupid people

Cheers! The legless fool The chosen Legless prophet!

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