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Racial discrimination is just a natural human reaction to anyone who has different physical features or who originates  from another country, it is basically just a human inner  fear of the unknown. It is a worldwide human reaction and it is far more prevalent and socially acceptable by people in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Why we consider this a problem in Western civilised societies I do not understand, I personally was raised by my parents to be fair and tolerant of all races and to just judge people on their merits irrespective of race or creed and that is what I have done  for decades and I still do to certain extent to this day.

But having lived in many different countries now and having personally been the object of racial disrimination myself for many years and still am today, I do not worry about it, I just accept it, but when I compare local attitudes in these countries to the way we in the West make a big deal out of it then I start to question the logic of our reasoning. Why do we make laws about racial discrimination when most of the other countries in the world do not? It has actually gone that far now that foreigners in my own country are now more socially accepted and given more assistance and opportunities than the indiginous people themselves, 'Positive Discrimination', and these stupid laws are now taken advantage of by many astute foreigners to get as much as they possibly can out of our system much to the detriment of the local people.

Meanwhile, I am living in a foreign country and being racially discriminated against openly every day by individuals, traders, government organisations, music, TV soap operas, sitcoms, etc., etc., with absolutely no comeback or laws to protect me, so why do we act like the fools and give foreigners an easy life and even social advantages in our societies???

In Thailand for example; the local word  for a caucasian person is  'Farang' and people will use this word when they talk openly about you or use it to get your attention even though they already know your real name, because it makes their friends around them giggle. The word 'Farang' in Thai language is just as racially derogatory and insulting as the following slang words in English: Nigger, Gook, Rag head, Coon, Spic, Wetback, Chink, Paki, Wog, etc. and the word 'Farang' is even used in Thailand on the TV, in songs, by government officials, even in official documentation and Thailand is not unique in the world in this respect.

So in conclusion:

Think about this! Do you honestly think that we would ever see a caucasian head of state in a country in Asia, Africa, the Middle East or South America???  Stupid people

I am not saying on here that racial discrimination is a good thing but we have to make universal laws against it not just Western unilateral ones and when that happens then I shall probably agree with it again, but until that day does occur then;

' Today, I don't give a Fk about anyone who isn't a caucasian!'  You Idiots

Cheers! The legless fool  The independant

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