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I want power!

I was involved in politics myself about thirty years ago and it taught me some very important lessons about politics and political parties.

I left the Royal Air Force in 1980 and I was making a new life in 'Civvy Street' , I had a relatively good job as a computer field service engineer for GEC Computers, Northern UK. My social life was starting to pick up in my new local community and I was then approached by the chairman of the local branch of a political party and he asked me to join as an active member of the party. He seemed like a decent type of person so I agreed and in a very short period of time I soon became the local party treasurer, I was elected to the executive committee of the area party and I was a candidate standing for council election in my local town. Legless

I did my fair share of doorstep canvassing and I was quite getting into this new politics game. It was a challenge for me too because in the town where I was standing for election, my party had no elected representatives because 98% of the local community always voted for the opposite political party. I enjoyed it though and I do enjoy a challenge, but the more I got into it the more I found out about the real motivations, ideas and characters of the people involved. I easily lost in the first election that I stood in, but at the vote count later I learned a lot about the character of the person that won, he was the kind of person that I wouldn't even trust to tie my shoelaces, let alone represent the genuine interests of his electorate. I am sure that if the people that voted for him genuinely knew his true character, they would have much rather voted for a fool You Idiots. But the problem is you see, that these people were not voting for a person, his ideas, or even for a good character, they had been brainwashed over many years just to vote for a particular political party. Stupid people

This revelation amused me, to realise just how stupid people can be. My next reveletion came at the executive meetings of the area party and we were talking about policies, I did not agree with one of the general party policies at one meeting and voiced my objections. I was then discreetly taken to one side and told that I had to 'toe the party political line'. This was then too much for me, I started looking into the root of politics much deeper and I came to the conclusion that political parties are just an extension of one person's agenda over a whole country. So basically, anywhere that political parties exist then democracy does not exist and that is when I left politics to the idiots who play these games and the bigger idiots who vote for them!! You Idiots

So in my view true democracy only exists when the candidates standing for election are completely independant of any political party and that does not seem to happen anywhere in this world today.

Oliver Cromwell must be rolling in his grave now!!! Stupid people

Cheers! The legless fool The independant

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