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Welcome to the new Legless Fool website!

Reed site four

For me it is just another day of being a Legless Hermit!

This domain was just created just a short while ago and I have an idea that I might put some of my very controversial thoughts on here such as:

Chose a topic! - Politics, religion, race, sex, etc.  LOL


United Nations - "Recognise a free Palestinian State!"

Recognise free Palestine!

"Let the long suffering people of Palestine know that the world does care"


Check your IP address here: IP addressYou can check any IP address

Top secret -
The RAF's new aggressive attack formation:

RAF - air superiority and intelligence

A message for all aggressive and oppressive nations!

(A new Wikileaks acquisition - Thanks Julian!) Sir Legless Fool


'Attempting to correct a bad mistake that I made in the past in my life in Asia.'

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Catfish Restaurant Saladan, Koh Lanta Visa trip to Penang / Emotional trip to Koh Lanta

'The webpage about the evil Thai girl that completely changed my life and my whole outlook on life.'

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Heartless, calculating, manipulative Thai bitch  The Thai whore from hell / The girl that ruined my life

'My views on love and personal relationships now.'

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No love anymore Love - The one-way road to ruin, dismay and heartache


Legless world of words The Legless Blog


About Ian Reed

About John McMiken

Autobiograhy of a fool My first published book 'Legless in Thailand'

True short stories Some of my true short stories

Legless veteran Royal Air Force tribute page

the Saints St Helens, England: My home town

Pub grub beer legless bkk The Ship Inn: a great British pub in Bangkok

Hotel Penang Blue Diamond Hotel: my favourite place in penang

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Hat Yai Thailand Legless in Hat Yai: When I was stuck in Hat Yai unplanned

Lovely Laos Legless in Vientiane, Laos: My first trip to Laos fairly recently

Heartless, calculating, manipulative Thai bitch The Thai whore from hell/ The girl that ruined my life

Chest of memories

Planet of the Gods

British Ambassador in Asia

Carlsberg Royal Stout------- The beer connoisseur's brew -------The solitaire's ale

Cheers all!

I shall be adding to this site over time, so if anyone is interested then please have a little patience and call back here from time to time. One of my very few pleasures in life these days is beer so I shall be occasionally referring to beer, I just wish that beer was the only reason that I am legless all the time absolutely legless now

Thanks for viewing my site, cheers for now, Legless  Always legless

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